CUSTOMER ALERT:  Cover was changed January 2020;  content remains the same. Book #2 in the Mr. Librarian Romance series!

Lacey Whittaker is trying to get her life back together after having a meltdown on the job months earlier.  Using her great-grandmother's travel journal of her trip to Europe in 1925, Lacey lands in Venice and into the arms of the handsome, sensuous rare book preservationist, Dante Alessandro.  He's offered to repair and preserve the damaged journal, but what else is he willing to repair?  Dante shows her not only the sights of Venice but also his skill as a passionate lover, leaving Lacey to wonder if she can preserve her heart from this gorgeous Italian who is teaching her how to enjoy life once again.

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Stand-alone Novella:  Susannah Granger, now into her third Season with no betrothal in sight, is becoming resigned to the idea of spinsterhood. But a chance meeting with a dashing highwayman on the way to Longley Manor and a passionate kiss makes her think twice.  Christopher Edward Longley, the fifth Earl of Longley, has been immersed in bringing order and profit back to his family's estate. He has no time for women and the haute ton. But a fiery young woman rides into his life, literally, and nothing will ever be the same again -- not until his passion persuades her that she is his!

Betrayed in Brighton, book cover, historical romance, Regency romance

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Book #2 in The Merry Widow series  

Book Two features the fiery widow, Lady Alexandra Chase, and Major Fergus Pendleton readers met in Book One. Sent behind enemy lines to track down a traitor, Pendleton disappears just before the Battle of Waterloo.  A year later, Lady Alexandra still waits for his return -- if he's alive.   After imprisonment and torture, Pendleton returns to England, still undercover, anxious to reach Alexandra. But now he's a hunted man, the traitor still at large and intent on destroying Pendleton. Will they ever be together again? But, more important, will Alexandra and Pendleton survive long enough to find out?

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Book #3 in The Merry Widow series

Lady Felicity Drummond had fallen in love with Chandler Rhys the moment she'd laid eyes on him the previous summer. But that didn't mean she'd make a fool of herself, especially after he'd ridden off on another expedition, leaving her with just a kiss, a note and a bouquet of wildflowers.  Chandler Rhys suspected that his feelings for the beautiful widow went deeper than just a passing fancy. But she was so intimidating with her sensuous beauty and wealth, often leaving him to feel like a fool. What man would succumb to that?  But life has a way of turning things on its head, and a freak accident leaves the two reluctant lovers captive for the Christmas holidays, surrounded by crazy relatives, a passel of waifs and strays, not to mention two voracious wolfhounds!

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A new series!  Commodore Gabriel Montford, veteran of the British Royal Navy, is forced to resign his commission, thanks to his idiot brothers' early deaths, now making him the tenth Viscount Montford, a title he does not want and an inheritance he cannot afford. Abigail Prescott, an impoverished spinster from Boston, has come to live with her last relation on earth.  All she has is her pride, her lace-making talents and the knowledge that she'll remain a spinster all her life. 
But if Lady Caro Ashford has anything to do with turning the unassuming American into a sophisticated beauty . . . well then, the viscount had better re-think his plans!

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CUSTOMER ALERT:  Cover was changed January 2020; content remains the same.  Book #1 in the Mr. Librarian Romance series!  All librarians wear cardigans, sensible shoes and glasses, right?  Think again!  Gina Bradshaw has kept her heart under lock and key for years.  Casual relationships have been the norm until the new librarian comes to town.  Now she's fighting against every instinct to keep her heart intact yet stumbling headlong into the hot Scots' arms, determined that this is just another summer fling.  But Adam Cameron, lean-muscled, tall and handsome as sin, knows that Gina is The One from the first moment he sees her.  Now all he has to do is convince her that he's right. But the lass is proving to be obstinate.  All the better as he likes nothing more than a challenge, especially when the goal is not only taking her to bed, but wedding her, too.

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Book #1 in the Merry Widow series

The Duke of Huntington, handsome, wealthy and a confirmed bachelor, requires peace and quiet for the holidays at his ancestral estate, Huntington Ridge. But his sister and her friends are tired of peace and quiet. They're desperate for the festivities and lusty frolics of the Christmas season!  How can they prevail against the Duke's demands?  One simple ingredient: they have a secret weapon and aren't afraid to use her -- the beautiful Meredith Lambert, his childhood friend, who's back in England after years on the Continent.  Can she win him over to their plans? But, more important, can she hold off his amorous seductions? And does she even want to? Join the fun as Huntington Ridge is invaded by passionate women, cranky relatives, quirky neighbors, a dashing Major, a lovelorn vicar -- and a snowstorm like no one has seen in years!