Lady Caroline Ashford collected husbands like some women collected Dresden china, but over the years each had died an early death.  Was she cursed?  But there was one man who eluded her, by her own choice, many years ago.  A pragmatic woman and knowing that life moves on, she'd found husbands, good men whom she'd  loved well.  Er, perhaps too well?   Now as she and her business partner, the Dowager Lady Rutherford, settle into middle age and slow their pace a bit, a surprise awaits her.  A tall, handsome, tawny-haired Frenchman from her past arrives on her doorstep without warning, sending her into a dead faint.
The final book of The School for Sophistication series brings many of the characters from previous romances together once again in a rollicking, romantic story that will warm your heart and

certainly bring forth a chuckle or two. 

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