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JUST RELEASED!  The third novel in the Crescent Bay series . . .

Kit Collier is a harried mom, divorced with four children and a thriving vet clinic where her hands often found themselves in strange places.  Unfortunately, those hands never seemed to find themselves wrapped around a man these days.  She can't even recall her last date, it was so long ago, and now she has extra time alone on her hands due to the Labor Day holiday weekend and doesn't know what to do . . . until a certain guy from England rescues her from Bellini overload and invites her to dinner.  Um, imagine that . . . maybe he has a sick pet and wants a free diagnosis?   Harris Brixton has lived in Crescent Bay, Maine for a few years now and has known Kit through her brother, his soccer buddy.  But something clicks when he spots her in her scrubs and crazy top knot of fire-gold hair sitting on the deck of the local pub, looking lonely and tired.  A bit of a romantic, he feels compelled to rescue this damsel-in-distress from too many Bellinis.  Maybe it's something in the air, but an innocent kiss generates a conflagration for Brixton and the chase is on!  Welcome back to Crescent Bay, where the men are strong and the women smart and sassy, and Love lays a whammy wherever and whenever it so desires.