I loved the setting in Venice . . . and the descriptions of food made me hungry. I recommend it for anyone looking for a few hours of easy entertainment.  (review for Sweet Binding Love)

This story is written with well developed characters who will make you laugh, smile, and have a feeling of urgency for them to realize they are perfect together! This is my first book from this author and I loved every minute of this book!   (5-Star review on Amazon for Love Long Overdue)

This is just a really lovely novella that is nothing but pure pleasure to read!  (5-Star review on Amazon for Captive for Christmas)

What the reviewers are saying:

The Merry Widows book is full of life and love. Enjoyed learning the characters and their stories. Waiting for the next book to learn more about each of their romances.  (5-Star review on Amazon for Snowbound Seductions)

I really enjoyed this book about Gina and Adam, from the moment they met until the very end. It made me smile and made me cry (just a little). Well written, great characters. Definitely worth reading!
(5 Star review on Barnes & Noble for Love Long Overdue)

If you are looking for a fast read of a heartwarming love story with a little added Christmas cheer then this is definitely a book for you, I do highly recommend this book to you!   (4-Star review on Barnes & Noble for Captive for Christmas)