What's a girl to do when she finds out she's inherited her estranged aunt's estate on the morning of her wedding day?  In Amanda Gallagher's case, she sees it as a sign from above and does the only thing a girl can do.  She runs!  Grabbing her two BFFs, they escape to the Down East section of coastal Maine.  The plan?  Sell off her aunt's house ASAP so she can return to New York City and resurrect her graphic design company.  Piece of cake, right?

Uh, no.  Her inheritance turns out to be a dilapidated, two-hundred year old house, empty storefront properties that she's now responsible for populating and an uglier-than-sin hound dog.  The kicker?  She has to reside in the house for twelve months or lose it all.  And if that's not bad enough, a tall, blue-eyed hunk of a guy is the executor of the estate, whose vocabulary consists of grunts and one syllable words.  Hey, but who needs words when all she wants to do is take a bite out of him?  Maybe more.

So what's it going to be?  Twelve months in plaid-and-flannel Maine with a serving of Mr. Blue Eyes on the side -- or ditch the entire thing and head back to the Big Apple, the land of mocha lattes and Bloomingdale's?  Is this a tough call?  Ayuh, for sure!